About the Spyglass Weather Station

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The MK-III RTI-LR is mounted at the southern end of Spyglass, at the end of the second tier of houses.MKIII_RTI-LR.jpg

The view from Lake Michigan, looking at Spyglass. Arrow points to MK-III.


The view from behind the unit, looking toward the lake, shows the MK-III.

Looking up at the unit, the MK-III is mounted above the chimney.



The weather station captures the data and transmits it to the IP-100 Network Interface which uploads it to the Internet. This allows us to utilize RainwiseNet which provides real-time and historical data as well as other functionality such as weather forecasting. Cool, huh?

But it seemed incomplete without a picture, so we added a megapixel camera from StarDot Technologies.

Every 30 seconds the camera, which has its own web server, sends a new picture up to the Internet. The picture is displayed on the web page using a jQuery script, InnerFade, which runs through an archive of the last 10 pics as well as the most recent one.

We added an optional motorized zoom lens, which enables it to auto expose and provide a picture of the pier with very little outside light. The camera has the option of letting web visitors zoom the picture in and out. We leave it zoomed in on the pier at Holland State Park since that is easily recognizable landmark.